Spotlight On Classified Employees

A committee of PUSD district and site representatives selected the three District Classified Employees of the Year.  The selection of the District Classified Employees of the year is based on work performance, contributions to the school district, and community service. The San Diego County Office of Education also sponsors a Classified Employee Recognition Program, honoring up to six members of the classified service for all of San Diego County.

Congratulations of the 2024 PUSD Classified Employees of the Year!

This year’s Poway Unified School District’s Classified Employees are Lamis Abousalem, ELL Instructional Assistant at BHMS; Agustin “Steve” Esteban, Custodian at MCES; and Eva Peters, Administrative Assistant for Learning Support Services.  Lamis’ application will also be forwarded to San Diego County Office of Education for consideration for county level honors.


A great job to the following list of all PUSD school site and department classified employees of the year.

  • Abraxas High School                                              Tracy Hargrove
  • Adobe Bluffs Elementary School                            Holly LeSage
  • Alternative Programs                                              Cossette Marolt
  • Bernardo Heights Middle School                            Lamis Abousalem*
  • Black Mountain Middle School                               Jose Maria (George) Rosello
  • Canyon View Elementary School                           Gloria Lew
  • Chaparral Elementary School                                Sarah Brewer
  • Connect Academy                                                  Ella Babin
  • Creekside Elementary School                                Rana Balaa
  • Deer Canyon Elementary School                           Rayleen Montesi
  • Del Norte High School                                            Sue Reich
  • Del Sur Elementary School                                    Brittany Abifaker
  • DO – Finance                                                          Jennifer Latham
  • DO – FM&O & Planning                                          Miguel Granados-Vazquez
  • DO – LSS, Attendance & Discipline                        Eva Peters*
  • DO – Payroll                                                            Annette Vaughan
  • DO – Personnel Commission                                  Danielle Strauss
  • DO – Preschool/ESS                                               Karine Ghougassian Gassian
  • DO – PSS                                                                Tiffany Sun
  • DO – Publications                                                    Ryan Schear
  • DO –  Purchasing                                                    Gayle McCormick
  • DO – SPED                                                             Kristina Cho
  • DO – Tech & Innovation                                          Rich Garcia
  • DO – Warehouse                                                    Sean McCurdy
  • Food & Nutrition Department                                 Charlene Thompson
  • Garden Road Elementary School                          Gabrielle Meadows
  • Highland Ranch Elementary School                      Cristian Cisneros
  • Los Penasquitos Elementary School                     Issis Aranada
  • Meadowbrook Middle School                                 Sue Henson
  • Mesa Verde Middle School                                    Daniel Rosenberger
  • Midland Elementary School                                   Kellie Ames
  • Monterey Ridge Elementary School                      Annette Horton
  • Morning Creek Elementary School                       Agustin “Steve” Esteban*
  • Mt. Carmel High School                                        Angela Voggenthaler
  • Oak Valley Middle School                                     Belinda Pagaduan
  • Painted Rock Elementary School                         Roberta Markey
  • Park Village Elementary School                           Purvi Sha
  • Pomerado Elementary School                              Melissa Sampo
  • Poway High School                                              Jaime Brown
  • Preschool Site                                                      Judith Mok Fam
  • Rancho Bernardo High School                             Mayumi Athay
  • Rolling Hills Elementary School                           Kim Huynh
  • Shoal Creek Elementary School                          Arlynn Cook
  • Stone Ranch Elementary School                         Patricia Kain
  • Sundance Elementary School                              Becky Cook
  • Superintendent’s Office                                        Brittanie Arnett
  • Tierra Bonita Elementary School                          Julie Burr
  • Transportation Department                                  Jose Abel Moreno Cervantes
  • Turtleback Elementary School                             Sandra Fivaz
  • Twin Peaks Middle School                                   Saskia Walker
  • Valley Elementary School                                     Aide Trujano
  • Westview High School                                         Leila Yekrangian
  • Westwood Elementary School                             Charlotte Eazer
  • Willow Grove Elementary School                         Nicolette (Nika) Cokas

 *Indicates District Level Classified Employee of the Year

Read more about what PUSD had to say here! Press Release – Classified Employee’s of the Year!












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