Christa McIntosh selected as Classified Employee of the Year

Christa McIntosh Library Media Technician, Stone Ranch Elementary School

Christa McIntosh is the LMT at Stone Ranch Elementary, a school with almost 1,000 students. She cares deeply about the importance of reading and literacy. Stone Ranch’s library has the highest circulation in the district because Christa, along with her well-trained volunteers, is willing to allow more than one book checked out at a time – she wants books in the hands of eager readers. She has collected donations and organized used book sales in order to increase resources in the library for students.

Christa also serves a very large staff always making sure their needs are met whether providing books to support curriculum lessons, book sets for study, or assisting teachers with resources for research projects. She stays current with new technology tools and resources, attends district collaboration meetings between LMT colleagues, as well as county-offered training.

Christa works diligently to represent her fellow LMTs and PSEA commends her leadership!

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