Classified Employee of the Year-Shelley Porter

Shelley Porter, Library Media Technician, Sunset Hills Elementary School The library/media center is literally and figuratively the center of the Sunset Hills campus, and at the center of that you’ll find Shelley Porter. Shelley is one of the only educators at the school that sees each and every student on a weekly basis. She goes out of her way to make every visit to the library an experience where books come alive, real connections are made, and students have the opportunity to discover a love for learning. Shelley also opens her library to adults with special needs who come twice a week to help out in the library. Shelley is interested in more than just putting books into the hands of students. She is highly connected to what students need to be competitive in the 21st century and has made it a priority to assist teachers in incorporating technology into other aspects of their teaching. For the past several years Shelley has created a Thespian group with Sunset Hills’ 5th grade GATE reading students. She has introduced them to Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, and the Roman Empire and given them an opportunity to perform for fellow students, for parents, and in competition against other thespian groups in San Diego County. In short, Shelley goes above and beyond and helps wherever she is needed.

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