Pomerado News Misquoted PSEA on PFT/APSM raises

I am concerned by Pomerado News’ Emily Sorenson’s interpretation that PSEA had a “negative reaction” or is “displeased” that the PFT or APSM received a higher raises than the PSEA bargaining unit. That is a mischaracterization of what I said. First, I made no comment, in any form, about either the PFT or the APSM ratification agenda items. My comment addressed PSEA’s Sunshine Proposal to the District (Agenda Item B-4). In our proposal, we would like to “explore methods of greater collaboration with management in negotiations.” Second, if I were to comment about the PFT or APSM raise, it would only be to say that PSEA desires to achieve the same labor-management collaboration that our teachers and managers enjoy. PSEA’s goal is to improve the work life of our members. That goal does not involve taking other employees’ negotiation successes away from them, but rather use others’ negotiation successes to bolster our own. Where there is a disparity in the percentages offered to our unit and others, PSEA’s team will continue to pursue closing the gap and will do so without “badmouthing” others.


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