PSEA Reaches New Agreement Regarding Pension Reform

On October 25, 2013, PSEA and the District met to discuss previously negotiated provisions in Article 14.6.2 (Pension Reform) of our new bargaining agreement. PSEA and the District reached a tentative agreement to continue with status quo of Employer Paid Member Contribution (EPMC), wherein the District will continue to pay PSEA “classic” employees’ retirement contribution to CalPERS. This agreement relates only to “classic” employees; those employees hired after January 1, 2013 must abide by the new pension reform act and pay one-half of the normal costs to CalPERS retirement system.

Previously, PSEA and the District agreed to give “classic” employees an option to remain EPMC or to be placed on the Non-EPMC salary schedule and pay their own retirement contribution. San Diego County Office of Education would not approve that agreement, citing an unchanged provision of California Government Code which required unit members to remain as a group with regard to pension contributions.

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