Tuesday Talk! 4.22.14

  • April 22, 2014 is our regular meeting of the Executive Board; 4:45 p.m. at the PSEA office. On the agenda is the first reading of our proposed budget for the 2014-2015. The budget is not only PSEA’s projection of expenditures, but is also a reflection of the Action Plan for the coming year. The Board welcomes your input. The budget will be approved at the May 20th Board Meeting.
  • Reminder that if you are taking a class, workshop, seminar, conference or other training that is related to your current position, you may qualify for the Education Financial Incentive program. The final deadline to apply for reimbursement for education-related expenses for this fiscal year is May 2, 2014. Go to the PSEA website for the application and rules outlining the criteria for reimbursement eligibility. If you have been considering gaining some knowledge but finances are in the way, this may be an option for you!
  • Work Year 2014-2015 Calendar is in the design phase. A draft has been submitted to Personnel and we are awaiting their review. Once that is approved by them, we will be able to send it out. I know everyone is anxious to know when you will be returning to work; it won’t be much longer!
  • Negotiations begin May 2nd. Are you a member? Remember, only members can ratify our bargaining agreement. Please access our website at www.powaysea.org to download a membership application and send it to Mary Jo Stollfuss, Finance Dept. To be a member doesn’t cost anything extra and the benefit is that your voice is heard!
  • Call for Legislative Committee Members: If you are interested in serving on the Legislative Committee, please call. Agenda items for the Committee include keeping up to date with state legislative and budgetary decisions that may affect our unit, as well as discussing what role PSEA wishes to play in the November School Board elections. Being politically aware and active is our opportunity to influence things that directly affect us, such as our financial well-being and a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Tomorrow is Administrative Professionals Day – April 23, 2014. Give a hug to your Administrative Professionals- they deserve it!
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